Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JLA/Avengers #3

perhaps the greatest cover of all time
it would be really easy for me to just post the cover to this issue.  go ahead, try to name every hero on it.  I can't. oh sure, I can name most of them (and there are some interesting choices- Giant Man, Yellowjacket and Goliath and lord knows how many Hawks) but I don't know all of then. 

the issue deals with the attempted merging of the two universes, the crossovers that make me want to read them so much- who wouldn't want a Roy Thomas/Jerry Ordway Invaders/All Stars series like this? and the realization by two heroes that something still isn't quite right.

and then they get the truth.  after about 30 years of "continuity" lots of bad things have happened to our favorite heroes.  and I mean LOTS.  insanity, possession, divorce nervous breakdowns and finally death far outweigh the good things that happen to them.  they have to decide if they want to defeat Krona and make things return to where they should be or try to maintain what they have.

and they are heroes tried and true.

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