Saturday, September 11, 2010

of mountains and octopi

half sheet
I first saw this movie in the mountains of Colorado, probably in the late summer of 1977.  my family had gone up to a cabin despite me telling them the movie would be on.

had a good time anyway. 

fortunately, there was a small black and white tv that we brought with us or was at the cabin.  I set the alarm (no vcrs yet) for something 1 or 2 AM, and went to bed.  it was the local NBC affiliate (channel 4 at the time) and that was THE ONLY channel that came through in the mountains.

when it went off, I thought I had missed the movie.  I'm not sure why, but being woken up suddenly can be disorientating.  luckily I set the clock just right, and then got to see the entire movie.  it was really cool.    an octopus makes a great monster.

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