Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern Knights #2

in our second issue we meet the first super powered villain the Knights will face... Dread!

after rescuing millionaire Johnny Barl, Barl wants to sponsor the "Crusaders".  meanwhile, the girls don't want to wear costumes or have codenames, and Electrode/David finds out some team in NYC already is using the "Crusaders" moniker (that would be Archie Comics Group, "The Mighty Crusaders" protecting their rightful trademark).

Dragon has a great aside about the original Crusaders as well.

Barl hosts a party for the Knights, but moves their police scanner (wow, no cell phones or anything back in 1983) so no one can hear it.  that's when the mutant Dread makes his starts using his fear power to rob banks.  finally the Knights find out about the crime spree and go into action against the villain.

it's a better issue than the first, the personalities come out more, especially Kristin and David.  Kristin is the one who names the team at the end, with the comedic comeuppance of Johnny Barl.

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