Saturday, October 9, 2010

King Kong vs Godzilla

the first time I ever saw either monster, age 6:

and while I acknowledge that the Japanese version is superior, I still love the US version. I am sure there would have been a lot less Godzilla fans in the US without this movie.
many fans knock it these days, quite forgetting that until about 15 years ago, no one had ever seen the Japanese version.


Danny Coffin said...

Oddly enough,I never got to see this 'til 1987,when Superstation TBS aired it during ''GRANPA'S SUPER SCARY SATURDAY''!Of course,I'd read the ''two different endings/winners'' myth for years,but was dispelled in Ed Godziszewski's landmark Godzilla feature in ''FANGORIA''#1 so I went into this knowing Kong won in ALL versions of the film.The movie was never meant to be sober&super-serious,&I LOVE that!I agree,David-this flick gained Godzilla ALOT of reknown in both the US&Japan(where it's STILL the highest-grossing G-flick of all time.)

Xenorama said...

yeah, something else that people forget!

did you ever get a subbed copy of this Danny?

Danny Coffin said...

You did indeed send me a subbed VHS of the Japanese version,David(&please let me thank you again,my friend!)I love how this film,as well as ''GODZILLA'S REVENGE''&''G VS MEGALON'' is kryptonite to all those who only want a dark,grim,gritty X-treme Godzilla;I enjoy both versions of this flick,myself.

Xenorama said...

I need to get you a DVD of it, then, I can see that.