Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Milion de Anos (el comic book)

that doesn't look a thing like Raquel Welch, but it's an awesome cover!  it's the Spanish version of the Hammer adaption of One Million Years, BC.

if you can understand Spanish you can read more about it here at Colossa, a great source for info. he's got some great stuff, and I always love seeing it.

hence the plug.

I have read the original adaption, many years ago, but haven't seen it since.  it looks better than I remember, but suffers from being condensed down into 10 pages (wonder if they cut out the allosaurus and the ceratosaurus for being too "poofy" looking?).

I wonder if the guy who used to do the original Turok covers drew this one?  the dinosaurs look quite similar to me.

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