Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a new high in screen terror!

it's Ghidrah, the Three Headed Monster (1965)! one of my favorite Godzilla movies, and the first one I ever "owned" on 8mm film.

actually, it was just the first Godzilla vs Rodan vs Mothra bit, but it was still pretty cool.  this one has all the great stuff you want, monsters, spies, Martians, gun battles, assassins, loads of humor and some great effects.  it's awesome!


C. Elam said...

It is, hands down, my #1 Godzilla movie. I can't call it perfect, but it's just a thing of beauty how it haphazardly falls into place.

Xenorama said...

it's one of my favorites as well (I knew it was yours, sometimes I pay attention, LOL) since, as I mentioned, I actually OWNED part of it on real film.
I agree with you 100% in your assessment of it's beauty.
and it's got Mothra!