Thursday, October 7, 2010

Souther Knights #3

after the Knights relieve Johnny Barl of his obligations to them, they have to figure out how to support themselves.  they go visit Kristen's family and her father ("daddy is a little on the wealthy side") sets them up in the old Hampton House, contributions to the Knights will be tax deductable.

the Knights also decide to earn their own living expenses.

during the night, an assassin shows up to kill Richard Austin (Kristin's father).  bad timing when you have four superheroes in the house.  so while in Florida the Knights bust a drug running ring.  Roger Holland has ruined his life and swears revenge!

I really like showing how the heroes get their operating expenses.  it's rare that you see that.  I mean, who built the JLA's various bases?  and it's a good thing Tony Stark just had a mansion in the middle of NYC for the Avengers to use!

we also get some nice interplay between the heroes, and some background on both Connie and Kristin.  how many superheroes actually have parents that are still alive?  and Connie is the flipside, which we learn more about later.

Electrode's origin is pretty standard superhero fair, aside from the fact he wanted to be one and made it happen.  it's nice he doesn't even care who knows it, either.

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