Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Batman Beyonder

OK, I'll admit it, the show has grown on me.  I have watched about 12 episodes and it's more fun than I had previously thought.

I think the main thing that bugs me still is that they depict Bruce as a lonely bitter old man.  somehow I think he would get past his "crying out for mommy and daddy" (thanks Bat-Mite) and realize he can't win the "war on crime".

but the stories are good, that's for sure.  the villains are as well, and it was nice to see the Royal Flush Gang as well (wait, wait, there was no mention of the Joker's version... oops, darn retconning incontinuities!) and I'll also admit to looking forward to the rest of the series.

darn it, what if this means I'll like "The Batman" now?  how vexing!

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