Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Da Crusher!

song by the Novas, not really sung by Da Crush.

I've only seen him in some matches on TV, but he and his partner Da Bruiser really were the basis for the Road Warriors.  just like 'em.

it's a rockin' cool song, too, and has been covered a few times.  there's a great one about Da Baron as well, but I forget who sings it.


rogue evolent said...

Great post Xeno!
I'm old, so I grew up (in the Mpls/St. Paul TV market) watching Crusher wrestle in the 1960's. He was even better when he'd give his post-match interviews - - one time going into such apoplexy that he started biting the microphone in rage :)

Xenorama said...

I've seen Da Crusher and Da Bruiser in Verne Gagne's movie "The Wrestler" and they were just awesome. would have been cool to see them in their prime.