Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dr. Who #11: The Rescue

in the 11th story the Doctor and his now two companions end up on the planet Dido in the 25th century.

there they find two humans and a monster called Koquillion.  however, something seems amiss, all things considered.

this 2 part serial brings Vicki into the series, as a replacement for Susan Foreman.  she's a capable replacement, and a good idea to use someone from five centuries into the future, as she could grasp concepts much easier than Ian Chesterton or Barbara Wright. nice contrast to Susan, as well.

Koquillion is a pretty cool suit, as is the Sand Beast.  it's a nice little serial, and the Doctor does miss Susan.  released on DVD last year.  I'm impressed at how nice these serials look.  the commentary tracks are good, but the text commentary is really fun.

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