Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gamera on Blu-Ray... cheap

it's really inexpensive, and has two movies on it, and some fans are whining still.

I am not the biggest fan of Shusuke Kaneko's monster movies.  they are not awful by any means, but they are also not the be all and end all some fans seem to think they are.

having said that, you can get the first two films on blu-ray at Amazon for $5.49.  sure, they are from Millcreek, but they look pretty amazing and it's TWO freaking movies for less than six bucks.

now, some of the more hardcore fans are complaining that there are no extras like commentaries or "making ofs" about the movies.  this saddens me, if doesn't surprise me.  before the digital revolution we were happy watching bootlegged copies, sometimes many generations down, with little to no extras.  and any extras there were usually a trailer or two.

OK, enough ranting about such things.  you can get this at Amazon for the above price.  it's the first blu-ray disc I have ever bought, for less than the price I paid for the first DVD I ever bought.

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Danny Coffin said...

I'm gonna look for this one at Barnes&Noble.For those complaining about the lack of extras in this set,I've read that Mill Creek's upcoming release of ''GAMERA 3:REVENGE OF IRYS'' is supposed to have lots of 'em...