Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the Harveytoons Show

never been a big fan of the Harvey Toons (Casper, Wendy, Spooky and the... unique Baby Huey).  I never saw them very much, if at all, growing up.

watching this new DVD set, they are good looking and well animated cartoons.  but that's about all.  some are cute and clever, but there's none of the standouts like Warner Brothers or Disney had.

sure, Casper has had some movies made in the recent past, but there's just nothing even that special about him.

however, I like this shot-
it's from the first cartoon in the set, "Boo Moon" where Casper travels to the moon and ends up saving the inhabitants from invading tree men. here Casper looks mean, if not downright evil.  his cousins would be proud.

I always wondered what happened to the Ents. they are kind of cranky on the moon.

I still don't like Baby Huey.  he's odd and scary!

I doubt I will watch the rest of the set (thank goodness I rented them from Netflix instead of buying the darn things). if I remember correctly, in the mid 90s they were re-released to TV with all the voices redubbed.  at least those versions are lost forever now.  I hope.

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