Sunday, November 14, 2010

MOTW- Venusians

there is a lot of life on the planet Venus, apparently, but today's post just focuses on two of them.

on our right is the Venusian that Conquered The World in 1956.  as silly as "Beulah" looks, I have a fond spot for It.  the concept of the movie is quite good, and it's never dull.

I'd just love a figure of this thing, but then it would be one more thing for me to not dust in my house.

It came to Earth on purpose, to escape the dying planet Venus (I think).  there are few more of these things on the planet, but it's assumed they never had Lee Van Cleef helping them escape.

now, on another part of Venus, is this critter, who came 20 Million Miles to Earth very unwillingly in 1957.  the Ymir (never referred to by that name in the movie) is pretty cool, and one does feel quite sorry for him as he proceeds to his eventual demise at the end of the movie.

I wonder if the astronauts who went to Venus saw more of them, or just picked up the egg as a specimen.

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