Monday, November 22, 2010

MTOW- Varan

yeah, I know it's not the greatest monster movie, but I really like this one.  the monster is pretty great.

there's some cool destruction as well.  and I like the US version.  sure, it's not as good as the Japanese version, but neither is the best giant monster movie ever.  this was aired several times when I was growing up, so there is a sentimental reason I like it.

it was a year ago I started "Monster of the Week" and I think I've done about 20 of them this year.  falling down on the job!

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Danny Coffin said...

I agree,David-Varan is one COOL kaiju(sadly,he's like Rodney Dangerfield in that he gets NO respect...)I wish he'd had more than a ''blink or you'll miss him'' cameo in ''DESTROY ALL MONSTERS''&REALLY wish Toho had let Shusuke Kaneko use him&Angilas along with Baragon in what became ''GMK'' like Kaneko wanted to(oh well,at least he appeared via stock footage in ''FINAL WARS''...)