Thursday, November 11, 2010


yes, even more on "The Brave and The Bold", as I am watching the first DVD set again.

in the episode "Evil Under The Sea!" Batman and Aquaman team up to defeat the Ocean Master and Black Manta.  sort of, as good stories are never just quite that simple, right?

Batman loses another Batplane/sub in this episode.  the Waynes must have been billionaires here, as he goes through a LOT of equipment!

anyway, this Aquaman has a "larger than life personality.  he is voiced by John Dimaggio.  took me a little bit to get used to him, but I enjoy the performance now.  he's far more like Marvel's Hercules than Namor now, which is a nice change, as one bitter against the human race for desecrating the oceans Sub-Mariner is plenty.  he's definitely not THIS Aquaman!

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