Thursday, November 25, 2010

Southern Knights #5

in which we meet both Aramis and new penciller Chuck Wojtkiewicz.  I met Chuck several years ago at Comic Con and he was a great guy.  have an Electrode sketch he did for me!

we also meet Carl and Larry, who are assassins.

anyway, the unpacking at the Hampton House continues, though Connie is depressed.  Kristen has Mark and David go out for lunch so she can discuss "stuff" with Connie.

after the girl talk they end up exploring the house, and opening a strange door.  out comes Aramis, a young sorcerer from an unknown time.  he thinks the girls are out to kill him and a battle commences.

meanwhile, Carl and Larry play cat and mouse with Mark and David.  they are using unusual weapons to try to kill our heroes- a crossbow and some shuriken.

Connie manages to use a real sword to stop Aramis, then the boys return home. 

Chuck is a really good artist, and he has some good inks to go along with the story.  there are a lot less clunky lines and Carl and Larry are an interesting addition to the cast (sort of).  this is building to something, we just aren't sure what.

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