Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkeys and ratzis don't mix!

most people post Curly stuffing a turkey from An Ache in Every Stake (1941) on this holiday, so I figured I'd do something along the same lines but different!

this is from I'll Never Heil Again (1940, the short before An Ache...) and one of my favorite Stooge shorts. 

America was not yet at war with the Axis powers and yet our boys went ahead and willfully mocked them.  pretty brave, I'd say!

always remember to share your turkey, else some portrait will run off with it!


Danny Coffin said...

Wonder if Hitler ever saw any of the Stooge shorts spoofing him?I do know he was a Charlie Chaplin fan(which is where Der Fuehrer got the idea for his square mustache),though I doubt he cared much for ''THE GREAT DICTATOR''...

Xenorama said...

I did not know that about herr Schnickelgruber! I would think he would have rather disliked the boys shorts though!