Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Animals rock!

I watched this show, Wild World of Animals almost every Sunday evening.  it was on before Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (1-800-228-9800) and I always wanted to see the octopus episode, but it seems like they (and Wild Kingdom) were enamored of birds.  thousands and thousands of birds.

I realize now that footage had to be easier to obtain.

anyway, the themes are pretty cool, but the end theme is way better.  I didn't realize it was only produced for five years.  it ran on the NBC affiliate in the 70s, then later on the PBS (no less) affiliate in the 80s.

I am going to re-buy this book.  I think it has a cool "Mary Celeste" story in it, about what really happened to the crew.  it's a nice tale, could make a really intense short movie.


Danny Coffin said...

Believe it or not,this very themesong pops into my head a few times a week,David-thanks for posting it!I liked ''WILD KINGDOM''too,but always felt ''WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS was...hipper(the themesong certainly helped in that regard :) )

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I recall it best on PBS myself in the 80's (WGTE-TV in Toledo). I saw recently the owners of the footage used on the show is HBO apparently.