Thursday, January 13, 2011

Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010)

watched this movie and it's pretty good, if a bit dire.  and not even close to the "realism" that it pretends to want to have.

the voice acting for the principles is excellent, especially John DiMaggio as the Joker.  he stays away from the great Mark Hamill and does it well, if a little more subdued than one might think of the Joker.

still, when you have Ra's al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit as a main plot point, all "realism" goes out the window.  then you have the heroes (and otherwise) hopping about like they were in the Matrix...

because it's done in the style that's not as cartoony as some of the other versions of animated Batman it seems a little odd to me.  and having Batman and Nightwing take on Amazo by themselves... I know Batman has become the equivalent of the 1960s Superman (in that there's nothing he can't do now) but that's just plain silly.

it's worth watching for free on Netflix.  interestingly my Batman posts always get a lot of hits.

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