Thursday, January 20, 2011

college with Bock

I had the pleasure of seeing Nick Bockwinkel wrestle Larry Zbyszko  in 1985 or so.  this was after Nick's face turn, when Larry had clobbered him with the pair of nun chaku he carried with him at the time.
it was a good match, and one of the highlights occurred out of the ring when the little old lady sitting behind us declared that she "hoped Nick stomped the sh!t out of Larry!".  there was laughter and a general agreement.

Nick is a classy guy and was a great worker.  I bring all this up because last night I dreamt Nick and I were roommates in college.

I gotta lay off the pfeffernüssen before bed.


C. Elam said...

Dude, I know you are older than me, but Bock was already in the grappling biz when you were still in short pants.

Seriously though, hilarious. I may have seen a little bit of Nick growing up (via clips from Houston), but he's one of the all-time greats. Plus, he was plenty smart away from the ring, too.

Xenorama said...

and he was a gracious roommate as well! LOL

couldn't make a smoothie though...