Sunday, January 9, 2011

Death Chamber (Shaolin Temple 1976)

made after three of Cheh Chang's Shaolin Cycle (Heroes Two, Men From the Monastery, Five Shaolin Masters) but set before all of them, Death Chamber is a pretty good movie.

of course, Cheh is far more interested in telling a story than in any strict continuity between these four movies (and there are some others about the same people as well).  some of the actors reprise their roles from the other movies, though Sheng Fu can't play two roles at once, as talented as he was.

there is plenty of training sequences and then the final battle is quite good. 

it sure takes a lot to get into Shaolin, that's for sure!


Danny Coffin said...

I'll say this-Chang's ''Shaolin Cycle''of films just can't be beat!The fingerprints of Lau KarLeung&Tong Ngaai are all over the excellent fight scenes,&of course Chang's Second Team( Fu Sheng,Chen KuanTai,Chi KwanChun,Ti Lung,David Chiang)really added to the mix...

Xenorama said...

I wish Chen Kuan Tai had been in this one, playing Hung Hsi Kwan, but it's the other guy this time. he's good, but he's no Chen!