Wednesday, January 5, 2011

more of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

I think I am all caught up on this fine cartoon.  it's not quite as good as the DC ones (yet) but it's a huge step above the previous incarnations.

they have crammed a lot of stuff into the first 16 episodes, that's for sure. I would have gone a little more leisurely, and done some more of the characterization that Marvel used to be known for.  it also has a tendency to be a tad too serious for it's own good, which makes Hawkeye a complete pleasure to have around.  I mean, a friendship with the Hulk?  awesome.

I also know one person has to be completely happy about seeing an animated Mockingbird (hi Danny!) and that's done really well also.

but what the heck is the deal with Hydra instead of Nazis in WWII?  that makes no sense at all.  it's not like this is a tepid watered down version of Marvel Heroes that can't reference real life villains.

I look forward to the Kang stories coming up.  not sure about the Skrulls...


Danny Coffin said...

Oh,you KNOW I'm loving Bobbi's being featured(&portrayed rather well)in ''AVENGERS:EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES''!Also pleased that she's wearing her classic costume 8)...Thanks for posting this,David!

Xenorama said...

you are welcome Danny. thought of you right away the first time we saw Ms Morse flying Hawkeye around.