Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Shoot The Invaders" Ultraman #2

this second episode introduces the longstanding Ultraman enemy, the Baltan Aliens.  they come to Earth due to spaceship engine trouble and then decide they want it as their own.

good thing Ultraman is there to help stop them!

this is an unusual episode as Ito talks directly to the viewers.  it's told in flashback form, as he explains how he got his back eye.  I think this is the only time it's been done.

the Baltan have shown up in several other Ultra shows, some fans consider him Ultraman's main nemesis.  however, he's not very scary, and the claws, while impressive, don't help him fight well, at least not in this episode.

the fight with the Baltan was shown in Ultraman: Great Monster Decisive Battle (1979) with an extended scene, shot specifically for the movie.  it's quite nicely done.

a good, interesting episode.

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