Sunday, February 6, 2011

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

the final part of the Batman Beyond series, this movie is pretty good.

it's pretty easy to guess the main plot- the Joker returns.  the twists come in figuring out just HOW the Joker is back and so young and spry.

though anyone with any comics or sci-fi history will easily figure it out once all the pieces are in place (or if they read the Wiki link I included up at the top of the review).

still, the whole story of Bruce being alone in his cave driving everyone away from him is sad and a bit unrealistic.  I mean, really,would it take him 60 years or so to figure out what really is important in his life? he can't be that emotionally retarded, can he?

Mark Hamill reprises his role as the Joker, but he's not quite as fun as he was in the original run.  and no dapper outfit?  there's a fail right there as well. the futuristic black outfit doesn't work on everyone, much less a colorful character like The Joker.

still, it's a nice ending to the Beyond mythos (not quite counting the Earth BB shown in the JLU series, which also ties things up even further).  the DVD has some fun features on it as well.


joecab said...

Which version did you get to watch? Wasn't there a "censored" version that didn't go into as much detail about the disturbing thing that happens to a certain longterm Batman character? (trying to avoid spoilers)

Xenorama said...

it was the uncut version. according to wiki, most of the cuts were violence related- and this is one violent cartoon movie!