Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Cry Freedom Fighters!"

yet another awesome Brave and Bold episode, featuring Batman teaming up with the former Quality comics heroes Freedom Fighters.  as I've been a fan of them since their appearance in JLA #107 and #108 it's great to see them animated.

and now that I've read what's been done to them recently, I'm even happier they chose to use the classic lineup with the classic costumes and heroes. 

 is that shot awesome or what?  Plastic Man is again used since he was a "Quality" hero as well (he was shown as killed in action in the previously mentioned JLA issues). 

it worked well for the cartoon.  they travel to Qward to stop an invasion of Earth.  they don't mention of Qward is in another dimension, but it really doesn't matter for the story.  what matters is how the action takes place!

and then we get this:

Captain Bat-America.  it's just as awesome as it looks, and he even uses a shield of sorts.

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