Wednesday, February 23, 2011

more on "The Batman"

all Batman all the time?  there's already more than one blog like that.

anyway, since I don't think "The Dark Knight" is any kind of awesome I could never be taken seriously as a Bat-fan these days.  at least the sheen has worn off that movie a bit now.  but that's another rant for some other time, if ever.

"The Batman" really is growing on me, for the most part.  I really like this Bruce, despite him looking like he's about 16.  and Alfred is always great, in every incarnation. the different cops that believe in him are a nice touch as well.

however, the thing that's hit and miss with me is the look of many of the villains.  I like Penguin and Catwoman, but the Joker is off in a bad way, and the Riddler looks silly and lacks the sense of fun in the earlier incarnations.  Mr. Freeze is a decent redesign, and making him completely bad with none of the pathos is a good idea.

but it's a lot better than I gave it credit for.

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