Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wizard of Mars (1965)

a bit of a bat break...

the movie starts off pretty well, with some cool miniatures and effects.

then our heroes land and it gets really boring.  and that makes the funny bad stuff not so enjoyable.  when they are "paddling" in a river, and staying still.  oh sure, you hear running water, but the background stays the same for 20 minutes.  or two hours, I wasn't sure.

Eve Bernhardt as "Dorothy" is almost definitely redubbed, and it sounds like  Billie Mae Richards is the one who did it.  even her vocal talent can't help here.

John Carradine is also good, but his bit is so long after all the boredom it's hard to take.  and there are no other monsters or aliens other than the flobber worms that sort of attack the idiots who crash on the planet.

at least we know it wasn't all a dream at the end, since our heroes are burnt, scratched and in need of a bath at the end.  I'd skip this one.

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