Saturday, February 12, 2011

you are yesterday's news!

that's what Ted told Dick Murdoch... which probably wasn't the smartest thing he ever said, as history has shown!

still, it's one of the greatest face/heel switches ever. 

I never got to see any Mid South Wrestling.  it had turned into the UWF when it started showing in CO, which would have been about 1987 or so.  it was still quite great but not as good as I've seen from the early 80s.

and here's a link to a great match with Ted and the JYD with two other great tag partners.  why was Teddy wearing the glove again?


C. Elam said...

As someone who watched that unfold in front of my eyes, I can guarantee it was amazing. Riveting TV that made you forget the notion that all that wrestling stuff was just a show.

My favorite part of the turn is that Ted essentially cuts a heel promo on Dick leading up to the assault. It wasn't as if DiBiase suddenly "saw the light" after years of being a dastardly bad guy - it was about as believably executed as such stuff ever was.

Without watching the match, the explanation for the glove originally was a "hand injury." In fact, if memory serves, this alleged injury occurred while Ted was still a face. I seem to recall he began wearing the glove while still receiving cheers, shortly before the fateful match with JYD where he first "loaded" it.

Xenorama said...

even knowing what's going to happen you still can't help but watch. add to it the match between Teddy and Ric (how many times did they face off, surely it had to be more than once) and it's truly gold.

when I started watched in 83 he already had the glove and was hated in Georgia. he was so good!

Chad said...

I watched this when it happened as well Chris. Truly one of the best executed angles in wrestling history. I used to hate Ted and that damn loaded glove! :)

Chad said...

An explanation of why he started wearing the glove

Xenorama said...

thanks for the info Chad!