Saturday, March 5, 2011

Batgirl Begins

certainly more fun than "Batman Begins" anyway!

season 3 starts out with a much cooler theme song (the other one was pretty cool as well, thanks Edge) and the dreaded thing some batfanboys hate, the sidekick. 

the teenage sidekick, mind you, as Babs barely looks 15 let alone old enough to drive or anything.  but since it's a girl, then perhaps it OK.

I have to like that it's nice to see Barbara Gordon again in the suit.  never did understand why "The Killing Joke" is considered canon, while some many other graphic novels are not.

anyway, she's not too bad. the humor is a nice addition to the series. she's the "hero in training" which is also a plus.

of course, she was friends with Pamela Isley, now Poison Ivy.  another teenage addition to the show.  I know it's geared toward that audience, but meh on that.  it's still the part of the show I like least so far.

I believe there's a Robin the future as well, but I won't swear to it.  the new theme rocks though, did I mention that?

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