Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gamera and me

apparently, my writing career will always have something to do with Gamera.  I wrote my first article for Scary Monsters #9 about Gammera the Invincible. turned out to be the cover story, even.  back then, in December of 1993, seeing subtitled and widescreen versions of these movies was a pipe dream. 

now, one can see all sorts of versions.  astounding.  in 1999 I wrote liner notes for "Attack of the Monsters" when it was released on home VHS.  and now, I'll be writing about the titanic terrapin again.  it's my fate!

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Danny Coffin said...

You&The Colossal Chelonian have indeed had a neat link through your writing,David(&let me congratulate you again on your upcoming article in ''FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND''!8) )