Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gwangi Comic book

I love the movie "The Valley Of Gwangi" as I may have mentioned before.  owned the coloring book for many years, have the DVD.

always thought I wanted the comic book.  but thanks to this excellent blog (and Dan Ross as well!) I think I can pass on it.  I do really like the cover, but that's because it's an adaption of the awesome movie poster.  can't go wrong with that, for the most part.

but the inside... you can tell Jack Sparling had nothing but b/w stills to work with.  and even then, not one of the prehistoric critters matches up with the ones in the movies.  except maybe the eohippus (now Hyracotherium).

so as a curiosity it proves again that Ray Harryhausen's movies usually got the short shrift with comic book adaptions.

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