Friday, April 22, 2011

a dangerously insane individual...

seeing Cowboy Bill Watts being inducted into the  2009 WWF (sorry, just can't use the "real" name) Hall of Fame made me think of something my official source of Mid-South Wrestling, C. Elam once told me:

"as I watched wrestling and  listened to Bill commentate, it slowly dawned on me I was listening to the ramblings and rantings of a dangerously insane individual..."

this was before I saw many of the actual Mid-South matches, and his logic is so outre that in wrestling, it made sense. and watching his acceptance speech, nothing has changed!  and of course, this is no knock on Bill, nor was Mr. Owari completely serious.  I don't think.

I do miss Boyd Pierce and those suits of his.

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C. Elam said...

Seeing Jim Ross and Bill Watts together in front of that WCW backdrop is very weird to me...

Anyway! No, I really was not (entirely) serious, because I love Cowboy Bill Watts for precisely that reason. He went out of his way to present his wrestling with a certain degree of logic, and I respect him for that immensely. You have to admit that, after you hear the Cowboy, he presents things in such a way that it's easy to suspend your disbelief!

I also fear the Cowboy a little, because I do think he's a little off his rocker. However, it's hard to find someone in the mat game who isn't. It's just that not everybody gets TV time to rail against deadbeats who owe them money!

There was an old thread on KM several years ago dubbed "Bill Watts Facts" (parodying the Chuck Norris) thing, and my favorite was that he faked the moon landing to "kayfabe the moon men". With the Cowboy, I could believe it!

If you want, I can tell you my musing on Bill going into the Hall before he actually did. Oh, and I miss Boyd Pierce (and Reisor Bowden!) a lot, too.