Sunday, April 17, 2011

Demon Hunter Mitsurgi

Demon Hunter Mitsurgi is one action packed and awesome show.  it only lasted 12 episodes, but it tells the story.

the three siblings fight the Scorpion Army in medieval Japan, despite the fact they have motorcycle helmets and hand grenades as well as the magical warrior they summon to fight the monster of the week.

the cool thing is that the monsters and our giant hero are all done by some stop-motion animation.  it's certainly not the smoothest you will see out there, but it's really kinetic and cool.  and who thought it would be done on a superhero series?

this allows the monsters a little more freedom than the standard actor in the suit- we get bugs and birds and skeleton things.  very nifty.

this is the Earthquake Monster Gragran!  it's creepy looking.

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