Sunday, April 17, 2011

Goseiger VS Shinkenger - Epic on Ginmaku

this is the 2011 team up movie of the then current Sentai team (Tenso Sentai Goseiger), and it's immediate predecessor.  I know nothing much about either team, though I liked seeing Samurai Sentai Shinkenger show up on Kamen Rider Decade.  naturally, a seemingly defeated enemy shows up and Goseiger can't figure it out.  then Shinkenger shows up, and there are some differences and disagreements, but they work it out in the end.
there is a lot of cool action.  the kid playing GoseiRed looks like he's about 12, which doesn't make him seem very mature to be leading a team of fighters.  but that's just a minor quibble, and symptomatic of the overall nature of the shows.
and look who shows up near the end!  Captain Marvelous even breaks the fourth wall, telling the other pirates "this is for the movie, make it flashy".  the obligatory robots only show up at the very end, which is a good thing.  this movie is quite enjoyable.

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