Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jerry Lawler vs the Monsters

See Jerry Lawler take on all The Monsters that were brought into Memphis to destroy him!!!
  1. Footage of Jos LeDuc (which includes the Blood Oath and LeDuc tossing Lawler out of the Ring)
  2. Jerry Lawler vs. Jerry Blackwell
  3. Kamala Video
  4. TV Debut of Kamala
  5. Jerry Lawler vs. Kamala
  6. The Road Warriors Promo
  7. Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol vs. The Road Warriors
  8. Jerry Lawler vs. Bruiser Brody
  9. Jerry Lawler Interview about King Kong Bundy
  10. Jerry Lawler vs. King Kong Bundy
  11. Jerry Lawler vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
  • Kamala Speaks
  • Kamala vs. Bill Dundee
  • Lance Russell Talks about Jos LeDuc
this is one of the DVDs from Highspots and it's loads of fun.  like the others, it's more or less chronological in nature, from say 1981 to sometime later.  the cool thing about this disc is the two Road Warrior matches.  well, it's the first one I Iike, as the second one is the most common match on tapes and DVDs.  the first one the Warriors were sans "Precious" Paul Ellering in that bout (they had very publicly fired him and beaten him up on TV).

listening to Kamala speaking is fun, as is Lance's memories of Jos LeDuc.  good stuff, order it here.


Chad said...

I want this one. Stuff like wrestling DVDs are a luxury and my attitude is I'll get them when I get them. My kids don't do without and that is what counts. Memphis was a great territory.

Xenorama said...

I bet you can get a copy of this sooner than later, Chad... (from me, that is!)