Sunday, May 1, 2011

the Hawk and the Bat

one of the things I like a lot about "The Batman" is that they used the more traditional DC heroes that I grew up with.

they've had Green Lantern, the Flash and Hawkman- Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Katar Hol,respectively.  none of these were used,  for various reasons in the previous (and rightly much loved) JLA/U version.

especially Katar.  I know and loved their Hawkgirl and I know they wanted to use Katar in the "Invasion" saga,  but I am glad they didn't.  they did manage to incorporate Hawkman... sort of... as well as the Shadow Thief but I dunno.  it was kind of too "predestination" for me.

so seeing this Hawkman helping Batman with the real Shadow Thief is a real pleasure, as have the other heroes.  Green Arrow also appeared, but since he was still pretty much the same.

The Batman sure smiles more as well.

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