Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jerry Lawler vs the Champions

seems like it used to be a standing joke in the wrasslin' world that most every champion had to go to Memphis, let Jerry Lawler get a countout or some other kind of victory over them and go on their way. 

this DVD of three hours of matches kind of proves that point, but it's just awesome. the history of the NWA and AWA are preserved well here, that's for sure.

the matches are:

  1. Jerry Lawler vs. Jack Brisco Highlights
  2. Jerry Lawler vs. Harley Race (60 Min. Draw)
  3. Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkel - Hype
  4. Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkel - Match
  5. Jerry Lawler vs. Nick Bockwinkel - Aftermath
  6. Jerry Lawler vs. Rick Martel
  7. Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig - Hype
  8. Jerry Lawler vs. Curt Hennig - Match
  9. Jerry Lawler's First Interviews as World Heavyweight Champion
watching the highlights of a heel Lawler vs Brisco is really cool, and a freakin' broadway with Harley is amazing.  the way Nick puts Lawler over in his commentary is incredible, the man is so underrated.  I've never seen the Martel match, so that was fun and I was around for the one with Curt which is a great show as well.  too bad it all fell apart then, but that wasn't known then.  order it here!


Chad McAlpin said...

I want to check some of these Classic Memphis DVDs out at some point. Memphis had some great action and angles which kind of balanced out some the lunacy that came from there.

Xenorama said...

they are a lot of fun Chad. I do wish they would include the dates the angles occurred though. that would be cool.