Sunday, May 8, 2011

Renegade Roller Derby

last night I went down to National City with several compadres from SDRD to watch a "Renegade Roller Derby" bout.

it certainly was something.  as the program says, there are no penalties.  there are rules of some kind,  but what's the point?  anyway,  there are three 15 minute periods, no timeout (except for injuries) and no refs.  the jams last one minute and can't be called off.  the jammer makes it through the pack and then she scores three points for every time she laps the other teams skaters.

the girls can do anything they want, cut the track, use elbows or even takedowns.  this results in some "fighting" here and there.  then there are three or four guys in the middle who come over to separate them.

it was all rather disappointing.  the girls were not great skaters, and their "fights" looked completely contrived.  if they are going to go this route, they should put some more thought into and go all out, make it a fun show, "sports entertainment" if you will. 

the girls shouldn't smile at each other after a take down.  the coaches should all help work the audience and keep it girls focused on the show.   don't half ass it, use your whole ass!

it wasn't worth the $10 I spent on it, but I have spent more for less.  and the company was quite excellent!

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