Monday, May 16, 2011

True Grit (1969)

I saw this movie on TV, probably it's network premiere in the early 70s.  I remember watching it with my mother, who let me know everything would be alright with Mattie.

however, I had not seen it since then.  we had the book in our vast library (no lie there) for years, but I never wanted to read it.  however, my mother sent it to me recently, and I am almost done with it. I meant to finish it before I watched the original adaption or the new one, but for various reasons I didn't.  I'll be reviewing the book soon as well as the new version.

anyway, it's a good movie.  I think Portis wrote Cogburn for John Wayne.  just one amazing part and he deserved his Oscar for it. the whole cast is great, though I thought Kim Darby was a bit too Disney-fied girlie in parts of the movie. too nice and smiley for a girl who's father just got shot in the face.  I was pleasantly surprised by Glen Campbell as well, since I'd never seen him act much.


I remembered two whole scenes from the first time I saw it- the one where Mattie shoots Chaney and his reaction, and then the rattlesnake scene.  I thought there were a ton of snakes down there, but there was just one.  still, it's a well shot scene.

there are a few changes from the book- LaBeouf lives at the end being the biggest one.  mostly it's one of the most dead on adaptions I've seen so far of any book.  looking forward to the remake as well. 

had to marvel at such a violent movie getting a "G" rating back then.

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321LetsJam said...

A fine review, sir. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Be warned: despite what the Coen Brothers would have you believe, Wayne's True Grit was actually closer to the novel than theirs was content-wise. But that doesn't take away from their film either.