Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Citizen Kane (1941)

watched this movie today.  haven't seen it since 1980, on one of those new fangled top loader video recording machines.  on a 13" b/w TV.  I am not sure why we watched it in school, but naturally I was glad to see it.  we had to watch it in 3 parts.

I quite enjoyed the movie. it's the exact right length, and it's never boring at all.  I felt sorry for Kane, but I also liked him.  there's quite a bit of humor in the movie, which is a good thing.  I hadn't realized how much of "The Brain" was based on this movie (not just Orson himself, but his second wife and the Brain's infatuation with Billy the mouse for example).  the Mr. Burns comparison was a lot easier though.

and it's still really topical today.

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