Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dinosaur Island (2002)

four kids, selected for a "Survivor" type show, get stranded in the Amazon, a place the natives call "Dinosaur Mesa".  I think I know where that is!

anyway, they run into all sorts of outlandish and poorly drawn dinosaurs as well as an unknown tribe of furry humans.  the kids have to learn the value of team work and even just to like each other to survive.

the animation is decent, and the writing OK.  I actually laughed a few times when I was supposed to.  the direction has some interesting ideas here and there.

it's nothing outstanding, and any slightly knowledgeable kid would know where the problems with the dinosaurs are.  I think I used to see this on dollar DVDs here and there.

all that's missing is Ka-Zar and Zabu...

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