Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gokaiger #10 "A Card Duel"

the title pretty much tells you how this is going to end.  which is fine with me, as JAQK is probably my favorite sentai.  the Zangyack bring their special ops to bear on the pirates, with the great Yok Bareed in command.  he's also a great gambler.

and there we go, after all the drama we get the team of teams showing up, and just being awesome as usual.  yes, that is Big One as a female.  I was kind of hoping Sokichi Banba would show up, but it's only episode ten.  perhaps in the near future...
and since there was no giant robot in this series, we get the secret weapon!  it works, but since there has to be a robot battle, Gao Lion makes an appearance again.  highly enjoyable!

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