Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Green Hornet (2011)

Stately Wayne Manor? not quite
this was one frustrating movie.  there were parts I really enjoyed, but there were parts that were incredibly stupid.  mostly that half the cast were unlikable, as in Mike Axelrod, DA Frank Scanlon and Britt Reid himself were boorish for most of the movie.  I blame the writing, as the actors could have been fine.
wait, who is that?
yes, even Seth Rogen was almost good in this movie. there were signs here and there that had he reigned himself in, he could have done it a bit more dramatically.  alas, that wasn't gonna happen and of course not til the end did he redeem the character.  Jay Chou as Kato was just fine, though, as was Cameron Diaz as Casey.  excuse, me, Lenore.


looks cooler in the movie, actually
the movie is full of today's movie cliches, especially buddy movies.  after the same girl, the big disagreement/fight, hurt feelings, apologies... you name it, it's here.  seems like these days heroes can't be friends at all with anyone.  yaaaaaaaaaaawwwn.

the music was pretty good- well, the pop songs they chose were.  there was no title on the screen at all that I saw.  I did like the end montage and at least they played the theme song "Flight of the Bumblebee".  the movie is also far too long at two hours. take out about 30 minutes and it would be much better. it flopped so I doubt we'll be seeing a sequel.

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