Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teen Titans #8 "Deep Six"

well, this image of "Aqualad" alone (along with the proper sound effect) makes me like the cartoon even more.

I think the thing that puts me off the most is the faux "anime" look, plus all the nonsense that goes along with it.  I like the characters,  for the most part, actually, and there's some funny stuff going on, as well as a connected story.

I really am looking forward to Hurtstroke the Injurer now.


Igadevil said...

Glad to see you're giving this show a try! I always had a soft spot for it, and the first two seasons have some pretty great stuff. After that it gets a bit uneven, but there's still some good stuff in there.

Hurstroke is pretty cool. It helps that he's got a great voice.

Xenorama said...

yes, it really isn't as bad as I originally thought. had I been in a better mindset way back then...

do you still have the image of Hurtstroke? that was classic. he does have a great voice.

Igadevil said...

Not sure if I still have that one, but if I come across it again I'll be sure to send it along.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of some of the other comics-to-cartoon characters. I tended to find them more interesting than the "we made this up for the show!" types. Blackfire is a particular favorite of mine, though she's severely underused.

Xenorama said...

cool. I've gotten to the second season so far, and have enjoyed that.

I was a HUGE fan of the 80s comic book version from Wolfman and Perez, and the changes were so drastic- making them so much younger and stuff, that was off putting to me.

now it's not such a big deal. in the comic, Blackfire was EVIL, she was just a nuisance in the first episode she was in. and Aqualad was never interesting. lol