Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

an excellent ship
I have read  The Chronicles of Narnia many times since I was a lad.  they hold up pretty well as fantasy adventure, even as I got older, and the Christian metaphors got more apparent it was still a fun easy read.

I have been frustrated watching the first two big budget adaptions, as they added useless things to the stories and changed essential plot lines to make them more palatable.  which is just plain stupid as anyone who reads the books doesn't want those changes, and people who haven't should get them the way C.S. Lewis actually would have wanted them presented.

anyway, this third movie in the series is the best one.  naturally there are changes, but overall it was well done.  they combined a lot of things to condense the story, as the book is more or less a series of adventures to reach the end of the world. no real villains to battle, and not even much of a quest.  mostly it makes Eustace into a better human being, after changing him into a dragon.

which leads to an improvement, as the dragon now gets to fight the sea monster.  I gotta say I enjoyed that.  an enjoyable movie overall.

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