Monday, June 13, 2011


watching- or trying to watch- all of the Starblazers cartoon series.  Netflix has them all for rent.

I never saw it on it's first airing in the US.  it was never shown in Colorado, and at the time of it aired (1980) it was always shown very early in the morning in the places I saw in it the tv guide.

I think I would have enjoyed it though, despite knowing it was probably sanitized somewhat for the US audience by then.  it's a space opera with a lot of characterization, but plenty of action.  the US actors are pretty good, though some of the lines are pretty clunky.

the DVDs are arranged in 4-5 episodes, so watching one can take about 80 minutes or so.  it's an enjoyable presentation.  I've seen the movie adaption,  Space Cruiser Yamato, and that is really well done.

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Cory Gross said...

I've been wanting to see the original Japanese version of this - Space Battleship Yamato - for a while now. My love for Leiji Matsumoto's has grown since I first saw Galaxy Express 999 to incorporate Captain Harlock, and Yamato is the next logical step.