Monday, July 11, 2011

All Star Superman (2011)

this is a really good movie based on this comic book series of the same name.  it's an out of continuity book, so things can actually really happen and be effectively emotional in this.

I have not read the series, though I am interested in reading it now.  good thing Media-con is right around the corner, huh?

anyway, I had no idea what it was about.  I had read a blurb at some point, so after the first ten minutes or so when Superman rescued the solarnauts I remembered what it was about:

Lex Luthor give Superman a yellow sun radiation overdose, and it's killing him.  it gives him a lot of extra powers.  in the books he has a year to live, and in the movie it seems like it's less time. he does a lot of good stuff in both, even with Lois hanging about.

there's a lot of the Silver Age of Superman floating about in this one, kryptonite guns and gravity guns, Superman robots (sorta), the Phantom Zone, a baby Sun-Eater which is Clark's pet, Samson and Atlas (not that I knew exactly who they were in the movie) and even Lex's purple suit show up.

major spoilers!

though if you clicked on the links you already know!  I was wondering how they ended the movie, as no way would they actually let Superman, or Lex, for that matter die.  well they sure did.  he turns into pure energy and leaves to restart our sun, which Solaris has turned blue to feed off.  the ending is really touching and is well done. 

this is the best DC cartoon movie I've seen in some time.  I recommend it.


Cory Gross said...

By-in-large I prefer when DC animates original stories (ie: the Green Lantern ones) instead of adapting comics. Sometimes it works, but this is not one of those times. All-Star Superman is so much better as a comic, and if you liked the 'toon and its Silver Age references, then the comic will make you lose it. The 'toon left mke feeling pretty "meh", but I agree with those saying that the comic is the best Superman one to come out in a while if not ever.

Xenorama said...

I probably can get the TPBs from the guy I'm working Comic Con for, so that's a plus. I've largely given up on most new comics, so thanks for the heads up!