Saturday, July 30, 2011

Astro 21-25

  • 21. Satellite R-45
 Astro is sent to Satellite R-45 to see about stopping space pirates. he is aided by a courageous space captain.
  • 22. Sea Serpent Isle
 Astro finds several hundred bottles with messages in them, all asking for help.  with the aid of Professor Elefun they deduce the bottles came from the area of Sea Serpent Isle, which no one goes to any more.  so of course Astro heads out immediately to find out what's going on.
  • 23. Deadly Flies
Astro is being framed for several crimes he didn't commit.  the police chief believes him, but the inspector doesn't like robots and wants Astro locked up.  mutant flies are being used to incapacitate people by the X gang.
  • 24. Kingdom of the Sea
robots from the bottom of the sea kidnap Astro, Prof Elefun and Mr Moustache, er Pompous and take them to their kingdom.  they believe they are more deserving to rule the world than people.  they were weapons for a war, but were never used.
  • 25. The Strange Birthday Present
it's Astro Boy's birthday and his present is a sister, Astro Girl.  when taking her out on the town, she ends up winning the robot heavyweight championship. that leads to trouble!

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