Sunday, July 3, 2011

the Black Panther

Netflix comes through again with this entire series, and it's pretty good. you can also buy the disc on Amazon, if you want to.

anyway, the artwork is really cool, and the animation is quite unique, and yet the story is good enough you don't even notice the economy of movement for most of it.

the Dondi Reese thing is kind of stupid... but other than that the acting is good, though I miss the original Batroc the Leaper, silly as he was. I miss costumed villains.  at least the Juggernaut is in his suit.  is he considered a mutant these days?  still lame if he is.

the voice acting is good as well.  I'm definitely enjoying the show.  it runs in 10-12 minute chunks and works well that way.

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Danny Coffin said...

I have to agree,David-this is one cool little show!Djimon Hounsou was indeed an inspired choice to provide T'Challa's voice;I think he'd do pretty well reprising the role in a live-action setting(the man showed his MA skills in ''NEVER BACK DOWN''&''ELEPHANT WHITE''.Add to that his acting expertise,I think Hounsou could well anchor yet another Marvel movie franchise...)