Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Con report part 1

since I was there helping a friend of mine at his booth, I didn't get to see too much of the dealer's room (is it a room when it's bigger than a football field now?).  but there was Star Wars everything everywhere, including shots of the new blu-ray releases.  they look good, by the way.

it was really crowded, at least on the multi-media side of things.  the comic book side was actually quite chilly.

I took several pictures of various items and people.  still lots of Jokers, Batmen and Harleys around, but the newest costume was definitely Green Lantern, due to the movie. 

there were more Captain Americas as well.  too bad they mainly used the awful movie costume.  there was a Miss America also.  complete with shield. Marvel was pushing it's Avengers movie a lot, and Legendary was pushing Superman.  nothing too much about Batman, except for some new game.  nothing about Godzilla in 2012 at all.

I didn't get to any panels, alas.  not a bad day and the crowds seemed to have thinned out by mid afternoon.

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